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family forestry is just a part of life.


Though AFFON has district chapters only in 35 districts of Nepal, family forest farmers are all over the country. AFFON being a common platform of the family forest farmers, intends to establish its functional district chapters all over Nepal. In this context, AFFON team (Chairperson Mr. jog Raj Giri, Central Committee member Mr. Mukti Timilsinna and Mr. Khum Prasad Subedi) headed towards Kaski Nepal wherein they visited family owned forests as well as other key stakeholders as a preparatory activity for district chapter formation.   14355805_1514190255267136_4180505538013268462_n-1

Photo: AFFON team holding meeting at Kaski


Photo: Mr. Kumar Gurung, Armada Kaski, infront of a forest he owns and manages

Mr. Kumar Gurung, 57 years old resident of Pokhara Municipality owns a forest in 2.5 ropani (0.127 ha) of his farmland. Chaap(), Pauloniya (), Uttis (Alnus nepalansis), Baas (), Dalchini() make the major constituent of the forested land. Mr. Gurung is only a representative, there are several other forest farmers in the district including Mr. Ram Bahadur Gurung and Mr. Bal Bahadur Gurung.


Photo: AFFON team consulting Prof. Mahindra Man Bethit