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A 65 years old manages a model farm!


Association of Family Forest Owners Nepal (AFFON) member Mr. Laxmi Bahadur Khadka, 65 years old resident of Baghkhor in Banke district, has established a model farm. Mr. Khadka has maintained the farm in 4 bighas (0.6482 ha) of his farmland.  Masala ( ), Tik (Tectona grandis) and bakaino (Melia azedarach) are the major composition of the farm. Mr. Khadka, despite his age, has been working hard to mange the farm and plans to do it in a more organized manner. Mr. Khadka has set an example by establishing a farm, a step towards green economy.
It is an immense pleasure for AFFON in having a member like Mr.  Laxmi Bahadur Khadka. AFFON  Banke will even provide an opportunity for the interested visitors to visit the farm.